Children's Fund History

The Children’s Fund program was founded in 1973 as a grassroots effort by social workers to assist foster and low-income children in San Mateo County and provide them with goods and services that are not available through public funds.  The Children's Fund benefits low-income and foster children and teens- newborn to age 18-  who reside in San Mateo County.  

The Program Today

In 2015, the Children’s Fund will serve more than 4,500 children in San Mateo County.  We don’t do it alone!  More than 500 volunteers assist the Children’s Fund each year—click here to learn more and sign up.  Community donations from individuals, community and corporate groups help us provide every one of the goods and services for the children.  

We have developed a number of support programs that address the needs of both children and their families. Our programs include:

  • Backpack and School Supply Distributions
  • Halloween Costumes
  • Holiday Gift Program
  • Maureen Borland Orthodontics Endowment Fund
  • Baby clothes for low-income and homeless families
  • Refurbished Computers

Join our Facebook page to learn more about upcoming events and see photos of the children we serve!  Contact us with any questions or for more information:  650-802-5152 

Community Partnerships

In addition to our support programs, the Children's Fund encourages new ideas outside the scope of what we offer. We welcome partnerships with nonprofit organizations, businesses and individuals who wish to better serve our communities. We believe that if there is a need, then there is a way to fill that need. If you would like to collaborate with the Children's Fund to provide a new service, please contact us at

Fund Administration

The Children's Fund has no overhead costs. 100% of EVERY DOLLAR DONATED GOES DIRECTLY TO ASSIST A CHILD IN NEED. The San Mateo Human Services Agency pays all adminitstrative and operational costs associated with the Fund. Contributions to the Fund are tax deductible. Our tax ID # is 94-6000532. 

Through generous community donations, we are able to meet the growing need and increase the number of children we serve each year.  Please contact us or visit our Donation Page to make a contribution.

Thank you for your support! For more information, please contact us at: (650) 802-5152 or


Contact us: Email--  or Phone-- 650-802-5152  and join our Facebook page!