The Program

The Computers for Kids program was started in 2003 and provides refurbished computers to low-income and foster youth for academic and vocational purposes. 

How it works:  The Children’s Fund receives donated computers from individuals, businesses, and the County Surplus department. We accept either brand new or no more than one year old laptops. Laptops should be wiped clean before donating and should be in working condition.

Who is eligible:  Foster and low-income youth ages 12 to 18 or AB12 youth up to age 21.  They must be referred by their case manager, social worker, probation officer, public health nurse, or other community agency. The case manager will fill out the request form and the youth will be added to our wait list.   

Some of the youth we have served:
Maria is a teen mom who is working hard to earn her GED and carry a part-time job. She would like to attend community college—and if she does, she will be the first in her family to do so. Maria does not drive so she could not go to the library and instead was going to her friend’s house to borrow her computer and so it was very hard for Maria to be able to complete her assignments and do all of the required online enrollment. Now that she has her new laptop, she can spend more time with her family and complete all her assignments.

Thomas is a 14 year old who was accepted into a special academic program. Most of the assignments are online and so he was unable to complete them….until he received his computer!

Anaya is 1 of 5 children. Her mother struggles to have basic necessities for her and her siblings. Due to her mother working 2 jobs, Anaya has asked for a laptop to help her with her studies and to assist in job searching. Anaya is a Junior in high school and plans to use the laptop to do reseach and assigments. Going to the library to do homework wasn't always an option for her since she had to stay home to watch her siblings while her mother was working. Not turning in essays has lowered her grades at school. She knows that with this she will be able to apply for jobs and complete all of her homework on time. She hopes to get into  college and set a good example for her siblings.

Help us serve more children like Maria, Thomas, and Anaya!   ** names have been changed to protect privacy

How to donate:  We will happily accept your latop donation!  We accept new or used laptops no more than one year old. We also need monetary donations to help us fund the refurbishment.  Every $75 will provide a computer to a youth! Visit our donation page for more details or contact us at: or 650-802-5152.