Miscellaneous Programs

Miscellaneous Programs

The Children’s Fund leaves room in our programs to for various miscellaneous services, depending on the needs of the children. 

In recent years, our miscellaneous programs included:

  • Distributed 140 warm coats to children of all ages
  • Offered graduation and prom attire to 40 high schoolers
  • Brought teddy bears to 200 children in Child Protective Services’ receiving home
  • Gave bike helmets to youth who needed them
  • Distributed new shoes to hundreds of foster youth
  • Distributed prom dresses and accessories to teens
  • Distributed 30 bicylces and locks to youth
  • Gave socks, underwear and pajama packages to 163 youth
  • Provide "Birthday in a Bag" kids to youth (filled with plates, balloons, birthday hats, and more!)
  • Provide birthday and "something special" goodies to children
  • Distribute small hygiene kits to clients
  • Collect duffle bags for youth in foster care so they don't have to carry their clothing in a garbage bag


The Children’s Fund is open to new programs and welcomes your participation and involvement.  Please contact us! 


Contact us anytime: 650-802-5152 or childrensfund@smcgov.org

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